What if Tiger Got abused in the country?

What if Elin had laid hands on Tiger?

Questions swirl around what events precipitated Tiger Woods’ car crash and while nothing has been confirmed, whispers of domestic violence committed against the golf superstar have also begun to swell. From Nadra’s Race Relations Blog:

“According to reports, the scratches that appeared on Woods’ face and the blood that filled his mouth when he emerged from the vehicle didn’t result from the crash but from his wife attacking him. Nordegren reportedly didn’t bust the windows of Woods’ SUV with a golf club to rescue him after the accident but because she was lashing out at him amid rumors that he’d taken a mistress.

In the aftermath of the accident involving the multiracial Woods and his Nordic bride, public discussion has turned to race and gender. The blogosphere is filled with commentary about how the brown-skinned Woods would have been excoriated if word spread that he had scratched up his blond wife for alleged infidelity and chased after her with a golf club when she tried to flee. Many commenters have drawn comparisons between Nordegren and Chris Brown to demonstrate how double standards apply to women and men in domestic violence incidents that are only exacerbated when race is involved.”

Read more on the double standard question here

‘Tis an interesting question indeed. Thoughts?


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