Michelle Obama’s dating advice sounds familiar….

All the sisters want to trap themselves a Barack Obama archetype, and are in search of the perfect poison to put in their potion of love to get them an instant presidential candidate. You all know how I feel about it — it’s not like I think women should opt out of college or a successful career, like at least one dim bulb suggested. No, it’s more about having your priorities in place, as I have suggested here and of course, in my book. Finally, it seems as if at least one black woman smells what I’m cooking.

First Lady Michelle Obama finally revealed her secret for choosing, meeting and keeping a good man.So, basically you focus on the important things, like if dude is right in the head, if he has a good heart, and notsomuch whether or not he is some ideal of “perfection”? Really? That’s so weird, because whenever I have suggested that there really is no such thing as Mr. Right, I’ve been castigated. Women tend to listen to other women — certainly before they would ever consider the advice of a black man — so I guess it makes sense that when Michelle Obama gives the same dating advice I gave, it sounds like some grand revelation. But it doesn’t matter to me. I just know that the holidays are just around the corner, and for many sisters trying to hunt down their own personal Denzel Washington, it’s gonna be a lonely Christmas.


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